Most frequent questions and answers

Old School Emporium is a small, two-person business. Regretfully, we do NOT have the ability to  operate an “on approval” service. An item’s purchase price will only be refunded if it does not match its description on the website, that is, if it is NOT the item you ordered. We strive to include accurate data and photos of our products on our website. We will happily send additional photos and answer any question you have about a product before shipping. Simply contact us.

We do not refund shipping charges.

Books sold on this site follow the guidelines of the Independent Online Booksellers Association.

If you would like to know more about the condition of an item contact us. 

Old School Emporium accepts orders from anywhere! We ship via the United States Postal Service and charge only postage fees. A handling fee is not charged. 

Shipping services by other providers (Fed-Ex, UPS) can be arranged if preferred.


The website format seems to force you into making a credit card payment, I know. If you are not comfortable making online payments you may certainly send a personal check.  Please contact us to make these arrangements. Your selection will be put on hold for 10 days.  If your check hasn’t arrived in that time frame the item will be put it back into active stock. the item will not be sent until the check has cleared your bank.

We work to build a positive relationship with our customers. Simply put: we DO NOT share or give away any information you give us. We keep a paper copy of orders for our inventory and sales records. Beyond that, we have plenty to do around here and are not interested (and have no time) to send you unwanted mail or otherwise intrude! We respect your privacy, as we would expect others to respect ours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.