Rock Folk: Portraits from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pantheon


Rock Folk is a collection of portraits of great American rock musicians which serves as the history of the music’s first fifteen years. Who better to capture that story than Michael Lydon, one of the founding editors of Rolling Stone?

“Jerry Garcia once remarked that Michael Lyndon’s article was one of the best he had ever read on the GRATEFUL DEAD. I’ve got to agree – with equally enduring pieces on CHUCK BERRY, B.B.KING and CARL PERKINS, among others, Rock Folk is one of the best books on American music I’ve ever run across.” – Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead Historian

“Far and away the best book on pop music I’ve ever read.” – George Frazier, The Boston Globe

Michael Lydon, Rock Folk: Portraits from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pantheon, Citadel, NY, 1st Citadel Underground Press edition, 1990, copyright 1968, 200 + bio and afterward page, Softcover AS NEW. This book is in wonderful condition. Pages are clean and tight. Spine shows minor sign of being open, but not read.