Serve It Forth


The publication of Serve It Forth announced the delightful debut of M.F.K. Fisher, “one of the finest of all food writers” (Barile). It earned immediate praise as “a delightful book erudite and witty and experienced and young. The truth is that it is stamped on every page with a highly individualized personality. And it really is a book about food. The young author goes back to the simple and democratic food of the Egyptians and their simple lives; she dwells a bit on the Greeks. She explains how good cooking, like learning, was kept alive in the monasteries in the Dark Ages. She has surprising notes from Elizabethan England and Catherine de Medici’s France. The first adjective for Serve It Forth must certainly be ‘different’.” (New York Times).

This book comes with a sweet handwritten note to the original owner sent by a friend that borrowed the book. Among other things, the borrower states, “I did enjoy the book – the little gal knows her eating and its history. She does tend to be a little lewd tho; don’t you think?”

Although this is not a cookbook, it is a classic book written by the iconic food writer, MFK Fisher. A must for any serious foodie! This book is extremely rare in the marketplace.


M.F.K. Fisher, Serve It Forth, World Book Company, NY, 1937, 1st, Copyright page states: “WAR EDITION. THIS BOOK IS PRODUCED IN ACCORDANCE WITH CONSERVATION ORDERS OF THE WAR PRODUCTION BOARD”, 253, GOOD/NO. Solid, clean copy with a bookplate on front board. Bookstore stamp on title page. Spine head has minor wear. Spine is tight. Pages are tight and clean, no stains or soiled pages, edges clean. Final page is torn.